About Us


To share the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine for a healthy and balanced life.


Our Story

meet the owners of yong sheng herbs and moreWho We Are

Yong Sheng Herbs was established in 1996 as a locally owned herb store by married couple Guan and Ling in Tucson, Arizona. Since then, our store has developed into a vital part of the community, sharing our knowledge and love for natural herbs, caring for our customers' health, and helping people learn more about the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


 inside our store front yong sheng herbs and more

What We Do

We sell a wide variety of high quality organic products including loose herbs, tea, essential oils, patent formulas, concentrate powders, and ginseng. We offer herbal consultations and acupuncture, and we carry brands such as Plum Flower, Lan Zhou, and Golden Flower.